Another Year (2012)

“Another Year”
Blue Kitchen Music/United for Opportunity – 2012

Lori Carson has spent years chasing her thoughts, trying to make sense of her feelings of displacement and find peace in her musical life. Her career features a notable stay with Golden Palominos and a number of albums that in a just world would equal the impact of well-known ’70s singer/songwriters. Another Year brings longtime guitarist Paul Pimsler and Carson together for an intimate set where the melodies float in the air before they break your heart. “When You’re on My Side” sets the tone, and from there “I’m the One Who Runs,” “Cracked and Broken Things,” and “Drive Away” form the heart of the battle. How does a fiercely independent woman find contentment and community? Carson’s back in New York City, yet her days in the country (so lovingly expressed in House in the Weeds) still reflect in her sound, where one can hear these songs taking a focused but leisurely pace. Her voice is a marvel, able to convey hope and pain in equal doses. — Rob O’Connor (for iTunes).

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