Workshop at Housing Works

I don’t know why I’m thinking of this, but yesterday I saw a tiny sparrow on the sidewalk picking the breading off a chicken bone. There are chicken bones all over the sidewalks of Harlem. It’s a bizarre fact you won’t hear about, but it’s absolutely true and a mystery. How the heck does it happen? It makes dog-walking a challenge, although Doe is very used to the command now.

“No, Doe! No chicken bones!”

She drops them immediately. What a girl. Doe is finally feeling better these last couple of days. It seems she has pancreatitis. I’ve got her on a low-fat diet and various medications. I’m just hoping she’s going to get better and stay better. It’s been hard to do anything else but take care of her. She’s been so sick.

But I did go downtown to meet with Susannah Lupert, Executive Director of Housing Works Bookstore CafeĀ  on Crosby Street. I did a concert there a few years back and it’s a great place to play and just a great place in general, packed with books from floor to very high ceilings. Housing Works provides aid to the Homeless and people with AIDS. They also have a couple of really great thrift stores, one on 17th Street, and the other next to the cafe on Crosby. Susie loved the idea of doing a songwriting workshop at Housing Works and we quickly agreed to a few guidelines and picked a date.

Now I’ll try to put together a great group of songwriters to attend. The casting of the group is crucial because everyone contributes to the experience in such a big way. I try to put a diverse group together of people who are already writing good songs or seem to have the potential to do so. It’s such a pleasure to do these workshops and I’m very excited to do my first in NYC, where there are so many talented singer-songwriters. (If you’re reading this, live in NYC, and would like to attend, please send an email to for more info).

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