More Love and Music

Tuesday morning after the long Memorial Day weekend. It’s cool and rainy here on the North Fork.

Paul and I worked on Memorial Day, actually. We recorded a version of “She Can’t Decide” for one of DW’s projects. It was fun playing to picture. I love doing that, where you get into the flow of the visual. Music adds so much, and I love that process where you feel the emotional content of the image on the screen change with the feeling of the music. There was this one scene where a man is driving in a car. We put these great guitar swells behind it. In one moment, the light is coming in behind him through the windows and there’s this beautiful note ringing. Without music it was just a guy in a car, but with the music, you feel the journey of the man. You seem to hear the light coming in the windows. Music contains so much emotional information. The dimension it adds to a visual is very exciting. I’m really into the collaborative aspects of these projects too. I like having a goal.

I had a meeting last week with an old friend, a producer at one of the big ad agencies, and wrote a song for the meeting. He had mentioned, casually, that I might be right for one of his clients, so I listened to all the examples I could find on Youtube, and wrote a song I felt had a similar quality. Not that I copied any of the songs. I don’t know how to do that. I wrote one of mine, of course. But it’s light and melodic. The instrumentation is minimal and the main instrument (a vibraphone) is odd and sweet, gives the song a quirky sonic distinction. All of this was in my head, because I kind of knew the chances this song was ever going to be used for its intended purpose (in my head) was minimal, but still it’s the doing with purpose that appeals to me.

It’s what I love about songwriting itself, establishing the criteria of the song, then trying to do something great within those parameters. It feels much more interesting to me right now to be writing songs for other people’s projects, versus making a new record, or writing just for the purpose of exploring my own emotional condition. Plus, there’s ample opportunity for exploring within the confines of the assignment. It’s even easier to uncover the feelings, somehow. It’s certainly easier to uncover the more positive, hopeful side of my imagination. And I want to live more in that place. I guess there’s always a shadow of sadness and longing in even the happiest things I write. But maybe that’s not a bad thing.

Spent a good part of the weekend with D. He came here on Friday and I went to him on Saturday, stayed most of the weekend in Bridgehampton. We’re trying to do everything differently this time. It’s so nice to be in his company again. I thought I could take my feelings for him and transfer them onto someone else who would also want all the same things I want, but you can’t do that. So I’m just enjoying his big, sweet, funny company. The pleasure we find in doing the simplest things together is miraculous.

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