Heads and Bodies

I’ve always had a thing for Buddhas. These are from an exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Viewing them, I couldn’t help but wonder how they’d been procured. And there are so many. I was also reminded of hearing once that it is disrespectful to separate the head from the body of a Buddha statue but many are displayed that way. I have a couple on my fireplace mantel too – one a gift from Anton. The other, from a trip to Malaysia, many years ago. Just heads.

I went to hear Simon Van Booy read at the Strand the other night. G. took me and afterwards he told me that I had behaved badly, not at the reading but in my dealings with WM. I found myself wondering about it after. Do I burn bridges? Am I hard to deal with? I don’t mean to be difficult but, when you’re fighting for something that’s yours, sometimes it’s appropriate. Maybe G. has never had to fight like that. I don’t like to fight. (G. thinks I do.)

People are complicated. People are more than one thing. People are vicious and sweet and pissed off and sorry. People are lazy. A long time ago, Gary Baker (my music attorney) told me that no one would ever care about my music the way I did. It was a revelation.

G., if I don’t fight for it, who will? They separate the heads from the bodies. That’s what they to do.

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