First Day of October

I’m in NYC at D’s place this morning. Meeting Paul for lunch and will attempt to get him to run with me. He seemed a bit resistant to the idea when I woke him with a phone call this morning, but hopefully he’ll warm up to it. It’s a beautiful, bright day here in New York. I’ve been sending the website to people, making calls, making connections. I hate that stuff. It’s uncomfortable to do. But it’s necessary, I suppose. Although, I have to say that almost every cool thing that’s ever happened, happened seemingly out of the blue and not as a direct result of my efforts. Still, the effort is essential. Sometimes it does lead to something, and even when it doesn’t, it’s as if the universe can feel the attempt being made, and throws you a bone.

Some days, though, you’ve done everything you can, and have to just leave it alone and go for a run.

Saw my family for the holiday last night. D and I missed a turn and ended up at Newark Airport. New Jersey roads are confusing. But it was a really nice evening, and good to see everyone. Missed the boys, who are away, Michael, at Northeastern and Alex, visiting Colorado. We talked about the financial crisis, Sarah Palin, and Obama. No one got angry. Turns out we’re all pretty much on the same page after eight disastrous years of George Bush. My father’s doing well. He was seated beside me, and I caught him laughing more than once, which he does more and more now. Great to see him in good spirits. The food was amazing. We ate too much. I ate both kinds of cake, made by my sister-in-law.

So, I will do that run today, without or without my friend, Paul.

(Reading an extraordinary book. The Road Home by Rose Tremain. I can’t recommend it highly enough.)

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